What is Mario "Fall" Cash?

Mario "Fall" Cash is a Bitcoin Cash (BCHN) synthetic token on the Ethereum network, powered by the UMA Protocol. Users can mint these synthetic tokens by putting up renBTC collateral and minting Mario "Fall" Cash—a 1:1 synthetic representation of BCHN.

Why trade a BCHN synthetic?

With the recent hard fork of Bitcoin Cash into BCHN and BCHA, it's now seamless to express a short-dated view on the future of BCHN via Mario "Fall" Cash. Find out more about our rationale via our UMIP.

How do Developer Mining Rewards work?

Initially, we will be using the developer mining rewards received from the weekly distribution towards building you the most friendly, video-game themed web apps for interacting with our Synthetics, marketing amongst the relevant user base, as well as lightweight auditing of our deployed contracts and web app.

As we continue to build more synthetics, and user traction increases, we will be begin to give back a percentage of these rewards to the users who perform a subset of tasks (minting, providing liquidity on an AMM, giving feedback for future synthetics).

These rewards will initially be determined off-chain to allow us to quickly iterate on various reward structures. We will also be time-weighting this in some way to reward loyal users who use our products earlier on.

Who are we?

We are Bae & K from YouMyChicFilA.

Our goal is to bring non-Ethereum based synthetic assets to Ethereum so that you can express your views in a DeFi native way. We believe building on UMA is a seamless way to do so.

Please send us your feedback, or any favorite fried chicken recipes, at bae [at] youmychicfila.com or k [at] youmychicfila.com.

Stay Spicy,

Bae & K